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You can make a generous gift in a variety of ways! Here are two:

Donations to Feed the Hungry

Hunger exists in the US and even right here in Wright County. Over 15% of Wright County residents reported that they were worried about running out of food in 2021. Which was before inflation has risen to the rates of today. Our food shelf has seen more large families struggle to keep up with the rising costs of food and find themselves needing staple items from the food shelf.

We are proud of our Emergency Food Box Network. We work with dozens of community partners (churches, clinics, nonprofits, and businesses) who help provide emergency food to clients when the local food shelf is closed. We’ve seen the boxes being used more frequently throughout 2023 and have a hard time keeping up.

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Keeping Seniors Safe and Independent

Wright County is getting older. For years we’ve been one of the youngest counties in the state, but our data is trending up. Projections show that Wright County will be one of the oldest counties by 2040 and have a large number of caregivers who care for older adults. WCCA launched our Aging program with the help of Federal Funding. However, up to 25% of our award needed to be matched by non-federal dollars. Local funding allows us to be creative and find solutions to issues that are not recognized on a federal level.

WCCA has been working with the local public health office to address the top reason for emergency calls in our area: Falls. When a senior takes a fall, it can have drastic consequences for all concerned. We are committed to help prevent falls among our older neighbors by making sure their homes are as safe as possible. We will install grab bards in the bathroom, replace dangerous rugs, and make flooring transitions as smooth as possible.

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